Velux Solar Powered Skylight

Solar Powered Skylight

Featuring the NEW Velux Solar Powered Skylight!

The new Velux Solar Powered Skylight has arrived! The brand new Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylight is now available for purchase directly at: The Skylight Store. It features a solar panel that can capture any available daylight and will use it to recharge a highly efficient, completely concealed, battery powered operator and control system. The battery powered operator is what opens and closes the skylight. The solar panel is used as the actual charging system.

Here are some highlights of the Velux Solar Powered Skylight

  • The skylight is remote controlled and requires no wiring. This makes for easy and cost effective installation.
  • Yes, the solar panel will work on cloudy days and with indirect light. The skylight does not have to be exposed to direct sunlight in order to function.
  • The solar powered skylight ships with an integrated rain sensor. The solar powered skylight will close automatically, in case of inclement weather.
  • Inner pane made with laminated glass for additional safety. If the glass were to accidentally break, it will not shatter. Laminated glass meets codes for products which are installed out of reach.
  • Homeowners will be eligible for a 30% Federal Tax Credit. You can receive, on average, $850* with Federal Tax credit eligibility. This makes the Velux Solar Powered Skylight extremely affordable.
  • The No Leak Skylight carries a 10-year installation warranty plus 20-years on glass, 10-years on product and 5-years on blinds and controls.

A great choice for any new, or replacement, skylight installation

Check out this great video of the new Velux Solar Powered Skylight!

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3 Responses to “Velux Solar Powered Skylight”

  1. James T. Says:

    Works much better than expected. Clearly a ton of research went in to the product. We put one in our living room and it works as advertised. We don’t have all day sun exposure on that part of the house yet it still opens and closes when we want it to. I’d buy it again and probably will for our bedroom.

  2. Brad Says:

    Roofer put ours in today and looks awesome. Totally changed the look of our living room. Thanks to for fast delivery.

  3. admin Says:

    Thank you for your business Brad!

    – The Skylight Store Team

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